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Every impact entrepreneur can
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Show positive impact business ideas

Got an idea for clean energy? Reuse? Sharing? Materials? Food? Transport? Behavior change? Climate adaptation?

If you are in it to make a positive impact, you will like this tool.

The Cif breaks impact forecasting down into easy to answer questions, and the result is a green flag for positive climate impact, and the equivalent number of trees or people for the carbon footprint your idea could reduce.

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Improve the carbon footprint of your product or service

Green and red impact bars make it easy to see which of your resources and activities reduce or add to climate change. Explore your options with the drop-down lists of materials, fuels, foods etc. and no doubt you will discover something you can change easily, to make a big contribution to your positive impact.

Your climate impact, in tons or kilograms of C02 equivalent to your climate impact, is the key metric if the Cif. Climate is not the only kind of impact, the Cif also includes health, eco-toxicity and resource depletion. Depending on your idea you may also want to look into water footprints, DALY or ReCiPe scores, marine life effects, biodiversity, you name it. And the Cif, with training, is the low threshold gateway to all that Life Cycle Assessment goodness!

Easy to learn and use for lean startups

The lean way to create and validate as you go, to try something, get feedback and change it in short cycles, is why impact assessment generally didn’t work well for startups. Life Cycle Assessment is methodical and time-consuming, and absolutely worth doing when you have established a business model. I noticed that impact startups were not checking their impact as ideas formed, but when everyone was behind a fully fleshed out plan, in many cases discovering their innovation needs serious rethinking.

While you are looking for the business model, the Cif is the solution to check assumptions as you go. In an hour you have your first iteration Cif, and it takes just a minute to update it with every change to the plan.
The Climate impact forecast can be made to model reality as closely as you want it to, with some experience. And by that time you will also know what to do with the more advanced LCA software that is out there.